As a Band Leader/Co-Leader

Artist Album Label Year
The Wee Trio Wee + 3 (Feat. Nicholas Payton, Fabian Almazan, & Nir Felder) Bionic 2016
Bionica Future Settlers Independent 2016
The Wee Trio Live at 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Munck Mix 2015
The Wee Trio Live At The Bistro Bionic 2013
James Westfall The Colt 45’s Bionic 2013
The Wee Trio Ashes to Ashes: A David Bowie Intraspective Bionic 2012
Bionica Take Your City Bionic 2010
The Wee Trio Capitol Diner Vol. II Bionic 2010
The Wee Trio Capitol Diner Vol. 1 Bionic 2008
James Westfall Independent Bionic 2006
James Westfall Presents The Jazz Blasters Independent 2003

As a Sideman

The Reluctant Playboys How Can 47 Fans Be Wrong V-Twin Records 2024
Russell Scarbrough Big Band Fun Times Independent 2023
Gwil Owens The Road to the Sky Independent 2022
ROWDY Los Sabaneros Dixie Original 2022
Chas Williams No Class Independent 2022
Kristina Train Rayon City Independent 2021
James Karp Broad Recognition Rose Cottage 2021
Jeremy Fetzer Phases EP Fetzicon 2020
Jeremy Fetzer Mendocino (feat. Duane Eddy) Fetzicon 2020
Pat Coil Music for Humans…And Other Species Liberty Hill Music 2020
Sue Kent Sing My Song Independent 2019
Ellis Marsalis Center Jazz Orchestra Silver Book Project – Vol. 1 Independent 2018
Steelism Superhero Themes Intoxicating Sounds 2018
Joshua Hedley Broken Man Third Man Records 2018
Isaac Alexander Like A Sinking Stone Max Recordings 2017
Andrew Combs Canyons of my Mind New West Records 2017
Josh Hyde The Call of the Night Independent 2017
Maynard and the Musties Nashville Magic Independent 2017
Of Sea and Stone Of Sea and Stone Soundly Music 2017
David Wiliford Possible Futures Ear Up Records 2017
A Cosmic Collective Abstract Notions Independent 2017
Jenna Torres Wild Sugar Southern Skye Records 2017
Brooke Hatala Midnight Ball Independent 2017
Hula Hi-Fi Hawaiian Noir, Vol. 1 Independent 2017
Steve Blane I Confess Independent 2017
Henry Paul MacAfee Danger Independent 2016
Johnny Duke Reimagine Records DK 2016
Mandy Cook Just No Good At Being Bad Shadowlands Music 2016
Sean Quinn & The Tremblers Houses and Cars Independent 2016
Gigi Love National Parks Centennial Songs Independent 2016
Jenna Torres Heart On wheels – Single Southern Skye 2016
Brad Cole Lay It Down Independent 2016
Kevin Gordon Live at 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Munck Mix 2016
Jonathan Wires Weaving Ear Up Records 2016
Steelism The Drawing Room, Vol. 1 Intoxicating Sounds 2015
Derrick Freeman DWB (featuring Nicholas Payton) Threadhead Records 2014
Cindy Scott (arranger) Historia Catahoula Records 2014
Nathan Lambertson Bury Your Head In My Troubles Independent 2014
Two People (arranger) The Music of Billy Strayhorn Independent 2013
Rex Gregory Rocket Summer Independent 2013
Harold Battiste (arranger & player) Next Generation Big Band AFO Records 2013
Chip Wilson Fond Regards Immersion Records 2012
Kristina Morales Wonderful World Independent 2011
Sasha Masakowski (producer & performer) Wishes Hyper Soul 2011
Rex Gregory An End To Oblivion Independent 2010
Jesse McBride The Next Generation Vol. II AFO Records 2010
Cliff Hines (session producer) Like Mystics of Old Independent 2009
Nova Nola with Steve Masakowski Wetland Independent 2009
Sasha Masakowski Musical Playground Independent 2007
Big Tall Wish Leverage Digital Popa Records 2006